News About Archive Contact The biography of Mwangi Hutter is a story of two individuals merging together as one artist. Combining their names into one, Mwangi Hutter emphasize their conception of a single artist arising from two entities. They intend to address and transcend conventional notions of identity based upon gender and cultural backgrounds. This self-determined act can be understood in a political, as well as in a personal, intimate sense. Their artworks refer to the artists' origins, their close relationship and the general interdependence of individual and society, as well as contrasts such as female-male, African-European, you-me...

Mwangi Hutter work with video, sound, photography, performance, painting and sculpture, which are often exhibited as combined installations. Their art has been on display at the Venice Biennial, the Documenta in Kassel, São Paulo Biennial, Havanna Biennial, Brooklyn Museum in New York, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, and Johannesburg Art Gallery in South Africa.
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News 25 years of Mwangi Hutter A compilation of Mwangi Hutter's artworks spanning a quarter century of creation.
News How are we facing the Covid crisis? We linger in creative confidence. Focus on finding positive aspects around the crisis, such as time to retreat, look inside, reflect on what we have created so far. Contemplate on our own vision and its relevance for the future. Work on developing our own steadfastness, humor and serenity. Our work offers to others, through the exploration of our topics, the opportunity to reflect on and fathom the deeper meaning of being. News Who build this website? My Name is Kenyatta Mwangi Hutter and I’m, as you probably already have guessed, the son of Mwangi Hutter.

Since I already build and designed two websites beforehand, it was an obvious choice for my parents to come to me to redesign their website.
Fortunately, I didn’t have to rely on code to make this website. Nowadays, there are plenty of powerful page builders. I used a couple of wordpress plugins: “slider revolution” for the first three headers, “the grid” for the following gallery works slider and the “oxygen page builder” to put everything together.

Have fun exploring ;)
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News Shown in: Venice Biennal Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt Havana Biennal Documenta Mori Museum Tokyo Brooklyn Museum New York
Johannesburg Art Gallery Whitechapel gallery London Bienal de São Paulo Centre Pompidou Paris ...

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